Proper Home Insulation Yields Year-Round Benefits

Our customers take great pride in their homes. Each year, they make home improvements that range from simple do-it-yourself fixes to professional, whole-house remodels. The addition of exterior siding, a new front porch, or an attractive driveway adds curb appeal and improves your home’s function. However, there’s one major home improvement that often goes unnoticed, even though it makes a significant impact on your family’s daily living. Upgrading home insulation with materials that meet the U. S. Department of Energy’s recommended values of R-38 to R-49 gives your home a hidden asset that delivers big comfort throughout the year.

Six Benefits of Installing Home Insulation

  1. Insulation enhances indoor climate.
    Insulating your home delivers instant results, no matter what the season. In winter, it diminishes the loss of indoor heat. In summer, it creates a barrier that blocks warm air and heat from the sun. The result is an indoor atmosphere that is easier to heat and cool—and a home climate that is more comfortable.
  2. Insulation reduces noise.
    Adding insulation creates a barrier that keeps sound from traveling through the walls and roof of your home. You’ll find that your home’s interior is quieter even in the summertime when the sounds of lawnmowers, street traffic and neighborhood children fill the air.
  3. Insulation saves energy & money.
    The Department of Energy estimates that properly installed insulation reduces home energy consumption by 25 percent in summer to 50 percent in winter. By preventing seasonal heat gain or loss, insulation makes it easier for your HVAC system or furnace to function efficiently. Reduced energy use means lower energy costs. And, because of insulation’s high return on investment, your expense can be quickly recouped with lower monthly utility bills. You’ll save money on HVAC and furnace repairs, too, because your mechanical systems don’t have to work as hard to heat and cool your space.
  4. Insulation reduces environmental impact.
    When a home’s energy consumption is reduced, it benefits the environment. Fewer natural resources like gas and coal are used to produce heat and electricity, leading to a reduction in carbon emissions and pollution.
  5. Insulation helps control condensation & water damage.
    By preventing heat loss in winter and condensation in summer, insulation protects a home’s attic from moisture damage. In Long Island’s wintry climate, snowmelt runs down poorly insulated roofs and causes ice dams. Without adequate drainage, water seeps into roofing underlayment and may lead to extensive decking and attic damage.
  6. Insulation adds to your home’s resale value.
    Today’s savvy homeowners realize that rising energy prices represent a notable monthly expense. Existing homes that have been upgraded with attic and exterior insulation deliver lower utility bills and greater home comfort—making them a better long-term investment than a poorly insulated home.

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