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Expert Trim & Siding Repair Preserves Your Investment

When properly installed and maintained, the trim and siding on your home will continue to look good and protect the underlying structure for many years. However, severe weather and mishaps can happen, leaving your home’s exterior in disrepair. When unexpected damage occurs, call on the siding repair experts at Trusted Men Home Services, 1.855.TRUSTED.

Repair & Restoration for Any Siding Type

When an accident or hailstorm leaves minor damage to your home’s exterior, the repair should be done as soon as possible. Small cracks and holes, even in inconspicuous areas, allow moisture and insect infestations into the underlying structure where decay can mean a major expense.

Timely siding repair keeps a small problem from becoming a larger, more costly one. The professional craftsmen at Trusted Men can repair the damaged area and restore its function and appearance while saving you money. On a practical level, saving involves putting aside money today for use in the future. See more tips about money investing here.

Additionally, when you call the Trusted Men for wood, cedar shake, vinyl, hardboard, or any other type of siding repair, our siding professionals will:

  • Assess the damage & give you a repair estimate. They will also make sure that there is no underlying damage that needs attention.
  • Remove & safely dispose of old siding. Some older types of siding like asbestos require special handling and disposal.
  • Match the siding type, color & size. Older siding types may have been discontinued, but there are newer and better products that can be substituted. The Trusted Men pros can also match the paint color or wood stain so that the repair blends seamlessly with the rest of the exterior.

Professional Craftsmen You Can Trust

For our Trusted Men, home improvement is more than an occupation—it’s a passion. Call 1.855.TRUSTED to schedule siding repair or to request an estimate for your next home improvement project.

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