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Regular Property Upkeep Protects Home Value

Property maintenance is a never-ending job, but if you want to protect your home investment, regular inspection, repair, and cleaning is essential.
By identifying potential problems early and making small repairs, you can avoid costly damage to your home’s foundation, roof, and underlying structure. That’s why Trusted Men Home Services is proud to provide seasonal inspections and comprehensive property maintenance services for homeowners in Suffolk and Nassau counties.

Property Maintenance Services from the Trusted Men

Season after season, year after year, wind, precipitation, pests, and extreme temperatures assault your home. Wind damages shakes and shingles; hot and cold temperatures crack caulking and paint, permitting moisture to penetrate to inner layers. Mildew, mold, and algae take hold wherever moisture and shade prevent complete drying. The end result is a home exterior that looks tired, worn, and in need of repair.

To prevent these problems and maintain the exterior integrity and appearance of your home, look to the Trusted Men for these property maintenance services:

A Seasonal Property Inspection Is the Answer

Free yourself from the worry of Long Island home maintenance. Dial 1.855.TRUSTED to inquire about a seasonal property maintenance agreement today. Trusted Men Home Services is a cooperative of conscientious home improvement experts with years of experience keeping homes in sound condition. With a seasonal maintenance agreement, your home will receive the TLC that preserves its curb appeal and keeps it in good repair. Connect online today to schedule seasonal inspections from the Trusted Men.

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