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Add Curb Appeal with Exterior Painting

Is the outside of your house stuck in a past decade? Is paint chipping off the trim and siding? Exterior paint or stain is an easy and cost-effective way to give your home an update and protect your property investment.

Preparation Is the Key to a Long-Lasting Paint Job

A new coat of paint or stain will brighten and preserve your home’s exterior, but how do you keep that bright look and protection through wet winters and hot NY summers? The Trusted Men are licensed and certified painting craftsmen with years of experience in the Long Island climate. They know that a long-lasting paint job depends on good painting technique and expert preparation that includes:

  • Using high-quality primers, caulks, paints & stains formulated to match the local climate.
  • Replacement of damaged wood trim & siding.
  • Complete sealing of nail holes & cracks to prevent water penetration.
  • Pre-washing to remove grime, mildew & mold.
  • Thorough preparation, including scraping, sanding & priming.

With exterior painting from the Trusted Men, you’ll be assured of receiving quality workmanship and complete clean-up service so your home looks its best. That promise is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Exterior Improvements from Trusted Men Home Services

The certified craftsmen at Trusted Men Home Services have the skills for all your home improvement needs, including these exterior services:

The Finishing Touch on Your Home’s Exterior

It’s easy to refresh the look of your home with exterior painting and staining from Trusted Men Home Services. Call 1.855.TRUSTED to schedule a free color consultation with our design experts—and discover how the right color accents can make your home’s exterior “pop.”

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