Lifetime Vinyl & Wood Shake Siding by Trusted Men

Classic Design Adds Beauty & Protection to Your Home

Wood shake siding is one of the most popular exterior finishes in Long Island and the surrounding area. Installed by Trusted Men Home Services, this classic look enhances any architectural style, from historic craftsman designs to contemporary ranches.

Today’s homeowners are not limited to traditional cedar shakes for this popular look. Modern manufacturers have developed vinyl and fiber cement siding that looks and feels like real, weathered cedar. In addition, wood shake siding manufacturers have improved production techniques and finishes on real wood shakes.

Choosing the Right Wood Shake Siding

With so many alternatives, how do you choose the right one for your Long Island home? Here are some comparison points from the Trusted Men to help you decide:

Lifetime Vinyl Wood Shake Siding

  • Look & feel of real wood
  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • Available in a wide variety of styles & colors
  • Long-lasting & durable
  • Economical, costing 50% less than real cedar

Fiber Cement Wood Shake Siding

  • Realistic wood look & texture
  • Low maintenance
  • Comes pre-finished or can be painted & stained
  • Very durable, fire & insect resistant
  • Higher product & installation costs

Traditional Real Cedar Shakes

  • Authentic building material suitable for historic home restoration
  • Requires periodic sealing, staining, or painting
  • Available stabilized, sealed, pre-stained, & fire-resistant
  • Lasts 100 years or more with proper care & maintenance
  • More expensive initial product & installation costs

Trusted Men Craftsmen Know Siding, Inside & Out

The key to long-lasting wood shake siding is the right installation. The siding experts at Trusted Men Home Services have been factory-trained and certified to install any type of wood shake siding and trim, and our work is covered by a full workmanship warranty. Call 1.855.TRUSTED to schedule a no-obligation siding estimate today.

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