“These guys are great – They recommended and installed a designer roof to us that looks amazing! They were here when they said they would be and went over and above during the installation / I’ve recommended them to a few friends and they were all thrilled!”

“Honestly…we never thought we could afford to renovate the exterior of our home – our old windows were our #1 priority – Our salesman explained is was more cost effective to do the siding and windows simultaneously he then broke down the entire job in layman’s terms helped obtain the proper financing and the rest is history – we love driving up to our home sit in our car and admire it! It looks beautiful – we’re thrilled!”

“We Trusted them with our driveway and patio originally then had them back to insulate the attic and install a new roof – it’s an absolute pleasure working with this company!”

“I’m in the trades myself and pay close attention to quality and details! These guys did things when installing my windows and doors that even I didn’t expect! They are truly professionals.”

“One of the Men said to me when we were laying in our bluestone patio that he wants to bring his children back to see his work 20 years from now and expects it to look as good as that day! I believe him!”

“When we found out how affordable it was to remodel with the Trusted Men we had them do it all…starting with our insulation concerns then our roof – windows siding and lastly our paving stone driveway – My wife wants to move me out and them in! Wish they did interior work also!”

“Our plan was to remodel our exterior then put our house on the market…now with the Trusted men we’re the envy of the neighborhood and of course now my wife refuses now to move – Thanks guys!”

“The Men were working in the neighborhood installing a new roof on a neighbor’s house – I asked them to take a look at my pool surrounding and now we’ve scheduled an install – Cant wait!”

“If your considering remodeling your home cross off every other company on your list and call the Trusted Men – you simply wont find more competent crews to handle any exterior task!”

“If getting it done correctly the first time matters to you then make one call to The Trusted Men – They’re experienced in every aspect of exterior renovation and extremely helpful with helping find the right financing if need be – I highly recommend them! I promise you will not be disappointed.”

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