Trusted Men Roof Repair

Unattended Repairs Become Costly Problems

High winds, lightening, hail, and falling debris can damage even the most resilient roofing materials. Minor roof damage may look inconsequential, but it is still a chink in the armor of your house. Small cracks and holes, shingles that are curled or blistered, or loose flashing allow moisture to seep into the underlayment and cause material breakdown and rot.

Trusted Men Roof Repair Services

When your home has been pummeled by severe conditions and you are worried that your roof may need repair, call the Trusted Men roofing experts at 1.855.TRUSTED. We’ll schedule a roof inspection by one of our highly trained roofing specialists. With decades of experience and up-to-date knowledge of roofing methods and materials, your Trusted Men professional will identify roof repair issues that need attention and give you an upfront written estimate.

Count on the Trusted Men roofing division to protect your home with these roof repairs:

  • Locate & fix leaks at the source
  • Replace & secure flashing
  • Repair decking & underlayment
  • Seal roof seams & penetration leaks
  • Replace damaged & missing shingles
  • Clean roof stains & mildew
  • Clean debris from gutters & downspouts
  • Repair damage to fascia & soffits

Benefits of Roof Repair by the Trusted Men

Scheduling minor roof repair with Trusted Men Home Services makes good economic sense by:

  • Preventing further deterioration
  • Prolonging roof life
  • Keeping your manufacturer’s warranty in effect
  • Meeting homeowner’s insurance maintenance requirements
  • Making a small investment now to prevent major repair costs later

A Hometown Company You Can Trust

Trusted Men Home Services is a co-op of local Long Island home improvement specialists. Our individual craftsmen have been serving this community with roofing, conservatory installation, siding installation, kitchen and bath makeovers, and home remodels and additions for over 20 years. We believe in the highest standards of workmanship and customer service. Allow us to earn your trust by scheduling a free, no-obligation estimate: 1.855.TRUSTED. Our pricing is always competitive and our work is 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed.

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