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Full-Service Drywall Repair & Interior Detailing

Trusted Men Home Services sheetrock and paint professionals specialize in drywall repair, restoration, and finishing. Drywall repair requires a skilled, meticulous approach. When an amateur performs your sheetrock repair, the results could be marred by wall blemishes, rough surfaces, or peeling tape. Unfortunately, you cannot simply “paint over” a bad drywall or mudding job without drawing attention to the mistake.

Wall & Ceiling Repair Services

At Trusted Men, our interior home improvement experts are adept at repairing cracked or damaged sheetrock before painting your home. Each trained and experienced painting professional performs your repair with careful attention to detail. Trusted sheetrock repairs are both invisible and durable, and specialty services include:

  • Drywall patching
  • Sheetrock patching
  • Plaster repair
  • Sheetrock repair
  • Wall repair
  • Ceiling repair
  • Sheetrock installation
  • Drywall finishing
  • Specialized texturing
  • Faux finishing

Painting Services by 1.855.TRUSTED

Once a sheetrock technician has perfected the foundation of your interior walls, they are ready to be painted. Interior paint protects drywall surfaces, refreshes your home, and increases real estate value.

A new coat of paint has the power to transform the look and feel of your living environment, making it one of the most cost-effective home improvements available. Choose lighter colors to open up a room, vibrant colors to make a bold statement, and pastels to promote tranquility. We also provide faux painting and color washes that replicate the look of stone, leather, marble, or plaster.

Trusted Men Painting Process

Trusted Men uses best-practice application methods to complete your Long Island painting project. During the interior paint process, we:

  • Remove movable furniture & breakables
  • Cover furnishings, flooring & countertops
  • Evaluate wall condition
  • Complete drywall & trim repairs
  • Use high-quality paint that is ecofriendly & durable
  • Replace all outlet covers & hardware
  • Replace furniture & breakables
  • Label leftover paints for later touchups
  • Leave your space clean & tidy

Schedule Reliable Drywall & Paint Service

Call 1.855.TRUSTED to customize the look of your home or request precision sheetrock repair that hides wall damage and unsightly blemishes. Our interior painting and finishing services are beautiful and long lasting, and our Trusted team is committed to 100% satisfaction at every project phase.

Ready to put a new face on your home’s interior? Begin with the basics: hire a sheetrock and paint expert today.

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