Insulated Vinyl Siding: An Even-Better Version of Traditional Vinyl Cladding

If your older home is looking worn and dated, consider giving it a permanent facelift with lifetime-insulated vinyl siding. This environmentally friendly, energy-efficient product offers the many advantages of traditional vinyl siding—along with some important extras.

First introduced in the late 1990’s, insulated vinyl siding was developed with energy efficiency in mind. After undergoing years of improvement and modification, this whole house cladding system has become a mainstay for both new construction and older home retrofits.

Lifetime-insulated vinyl siding has all the design versatility and worry-free maintenance features of traditional vinyl siding—with the added benefits of increased insulation and a potential 80-percent return on investment. Imagine: a product that improves your home’s comfort, saves you from repainting the exterior, and quickly recoups its cost by lowering home energy bills.

Design Options to Enhance Curb Appeal

Like traditional vinyl siding, insulated vinyl comes in a wide variety of colors, textures and installation styles. Homeowners can choose from dozens of fade-resistant color tones that can be contrasted with vinyl trim to add design interest and customization. The newest insulated vinyl sheets feature realistic texturing that creates the look of wood-grained planks, cedar shakes, scallops, bead board, and even stone or logs. Once this product is installed with vinyl fascia and soffits, your exterior will be attractive, weather-resistant, energy-efficient and maintenance-free.

Insulated Siding Installation Advantages

Insulated vinyl siding has some distinct installation advantages over regular vinyl siding. Panels are longer with fewer seams to interrupt the finished look. The insulating foam backing gives panels greater rigidity—resulting in a tight, secure fit without waviness. The increased rigidity of the product makes it more impact-resistant than regular vinyl siding, but repairs are easy when they arise. Installation is also fairly simple, but it is best left to a team of professionals knowledgeable about the manufacturer’s recommended sealing techniques. When correctly installed, lifetime-insulated vinyl siding wraps your home in a blanket of continuous, high-efficiency insulation.

Homeowner Savings & Environmental Considerations

Lifetime-insulated vinyl siding comes with energy-efficiency ratings up to R-3, assuring homeowners of year-round utility savings. The Sustainable Solutions Corporation conducted tests that rated the product’s lifecycle performance for environmental sustainability “the lowest in the industry,” indicating that it produced less environmental impact than brick and stucco.

Depend on Trusted Men Home Services for Home Improvements

The expert craftsmen at Trusted Men Home Services are factory-certified to update your home’s exterior with insulated vinyl siding and trim. With the Trusted team, your job is always done right, and your home and yard are left in immaculate condition—as if we’d never been there. Call 855.TRUSTED to schedule a siding design consultation or request a no-obligation estimate today.

  • Lee

    It is amazing how affordable it is to do a “face lift” on the front of a home using vinyl siding. Sometimes it’s “one side at a time” and within a year you can have the entire home updated. I own a ’50s mid century ranch and simply replacing the gables and all the trim made a huge difference! My heart belongs to scallop vinyl siding but sadly my home’s design isn’t made for that! Maybe my next home allow me to use it.

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