Don’t Let an Aging Roof Leave Your Home Vulnerable

Most homeowners only consider roof replacement when severe weather causes catastrophic damage, and their insurance company agrees to help with replacement. While it’s true that wind storms, hail and ice repeatedly tear up home exteriors and roofs on Long Island houses, wise residents know that age, seasonal wear, and delayed maintenance can lead to deterioration and severe structural problems.

As your roof nears the end of its useful life, it’s especially important to schedule regular inspections and routine maintenance. Then, at the first sign of surface breakdown, you can act quickly to replace the roof and repair the underlying damage. The source of moisture, mold and rot must first be identified and compromised materials removed, or your home will remain vulnerable to harm and costly structural repairs.

Signs That Your Roofing System Needs Replacement

The quality and type of roofing materials determine how frequently replacement is indicated. Many well-maintained, century-old homes still have original slate or shake roofs. Even newer homes with high-quality composite roofing may go 30 to 50 years without needing replacement if seasonal inspections, maintenance and repairs are performed regularly.
The average asphalt shingle roof has a lifespan of no more than 15 to 20 years under ideal conditions (and with proper installation and maintenance). Before roof failure begins, watch for signs that your roofing system’s life has run its course. Here are some telltale signs of trouble that you or your roofing professional may notice:

  • Piles of roofing granules collecting under downspouts
  • Shingle dimpling
  • Curled shingle edges
  • Shingle slipping & buckling
  • Loose tabs that indicate poor adhesion
  • Corroded flashing around edges, fireplaces & vents
  • Cracks in roof valleys
  • Loose nails due to roof decking problems
  • Dark stains on underside of roof decking (seen in the attic)
  • Collection of algae growth & tree debris

What Are the Consequences of Roof Age or Neglect?

Even if an old shingle roof still has good adhesion and appears to be sound, it should be replaced if it has reached the end of its manufacturer’s suggested life. As they wear down, roofing materials lose the ability to protect your home from repeated seasonal temperature changes and solar damage. Nails and flashings loosen, allowing moisture to penetrate underlayment and decking. Winter ice dams and wind create openings for water seepage and wood rot. Left undetected, these roofing problems eventually lead to decking decay, leaks and interior moisture stains.

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