Masonry Stoops by the Trusted Men

Porches: Graceful Entrances & Neighborly Gathering Places

Front porches and their close relatives, stoops, have been a part of both urban and rural homes for more than 100 years. Now, with the resurgence of craftsman-style homes, they are showing up in new housing developments, too.

Small porches and stoops are utilitarian in nature. They are the steps and small landings (usually 3-4 feet wide) that lead from street level to the raised elevation of the home’s entrance. While they may include railings or short masonry sidewalls that are used for sitting, there usually is no room for a chair, planter, or other decorative feature.

Porches, on the other hand, are architecturally more significant. Often they are wide, covered, and columned. They may have room for seating, a small table, and a few potted plants. In urban areas and older neighborhoods that have a lot of foot traffic, porches are comfortable places for visiting with neighbors and enjoying the coolness of an evening breeze.

Dress Up Your Porch for Curb Appeal

Since the porches on older homes could be more than 50 years old, it is common to find crumbling concrete steps and deteriorated bricks and mortar. These can be repaired and the porch can be given new life with brick or stone columns, wooden railings, and a few colorful accessories.

Concrete & Masonry Restoration Services from the Trusted Men

When age and weather have eroded your concrete steps and porches, call 1.855.TRUSTED for masonry and concrete restoration. The Trusted Men masonry craftsmen can halt and repair:

  • Deteriorated concrete steps
  • Spalling bricks
  • Shrinking & decaying mortar
  • Unsound foundation piers

In addition, Trusted Men can give your porch new life with:

  • Precast concrete railings
  • Brick and stone veneered corner posts
  • Decorative concrete stains
  • Pavers that extend to the front sidewalk

One Call Puts You in Touch with the Craftsmen You Need

A call to 1.855.TRUSTED is all it takes set your home improvement project in motion. From design, to carpentry, to concrete masonry, the Trusted Men do it all. Discover how your timeworn porch can be brought back to life by restoration from Trusted Men Home Services.

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