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Driveways Become Architectural Statements

A mainstay of many Long Island subdivisions is the paved driveway that is a straight path from street to garage door. Direct and utilitarian, these driveways do little to distinguish or embellish the homes they service. Today, many proud homeowners who are concerned with curb appeal are viewing the driveway as one area that can add color and texture to their home’s landscape.

Homes set on acreage lots may have driveways that curve gracefully through the property, or may include decorative turnarounds that look like rustic courtyards. Shorter suburban driveways can be transformed by adding color, edging, plantings, or even sports courts for use once the cars are safely tucked into adjoining garages.

Mix Driveway Materials for Creative Designs

Mixing paving materials to create interest in driveways is an old idea that is being given a modern twist. Older homes often featured narrow concrete tire tracks or stone pathways surrounded by grass. Some of the new design elements in modern driveways include:

  • Interlocking cast concrete pavers that come in a wide variety of colors & styles
  • Colored & stamped concrete or asphalt paving
  • Crushed rock or recycled materials that can be laid in a pattern
  • Traditional paving materials stained for added interest
  • Planting cutouts & embedded emblems

Driveway Construction & Enhancement from the Trusted Men

One way to be sure your driveway investment will deliver the appearance and serviceability you desire is to hire the local driveway experts: Trusted Men Home Services. With almost 20 years delivering quality workmanship in the Long Island community, we offer these services:

  • Driveway construction
  • Concrete finishing
  • Paving
  • Installation of paving stones & bricks
  • Custom masonry design
  • Decorative edging
  • Construction of retaining walls

Discover how using different paving materials and design elements can add to your home’s curb appeal. Call the Trusted Men at 1.855.TRUSTED to schedule an onsite project consultation. With the Trusted Men, you’ll receive exceptional workmanship, great customer service, respect for your ideas and your property, and a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Call us today!

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