Retaining Walls by the Trusted Men

Retaining Walls Add Interest & Safety to Your Landscape

Few homebuilding sites are completely level, so finding attractive ways to situate a home and sculpture the landscape often requires the use of retaining walls. Though the primary purpose for retaining walls is to manage drainage and soil erosion, attractive materials and the skilled workmanship of masons and landscape planners have made these walls important decorative additions to local NY homes.

Height Makes the Difference

Many retaining walls are less than four feet in height and act as simple terracing features that add variation and erosion control. They may be built in straight lines, or curved to follow the natural contours of your property. In areas where a building pad must be cut out of a hillside, the retaining walls carry a significant load. The service of a qualified engineer is required to ensure safe construction.

Decorative & Practical

Retaining walls can be incorporated into usable structures like outdoor fireplaces and BBQ pits, or they may follow the graceful lines of a winding driveway. Decorative materials and accessories like these make retaining walls look like intentional design elements:

  • Precast concrete block available in colors like red, brown, & gray to match natural outcrops
  • Masonry & brick construction as an extension of the home’s exterior
  • Capstones for a finished look
  • Planters, lighting fixtures & inset medallions for a designer touch

Trusted Men Home Services: the Retaining Wall Specialists

If your home is situated on a hilly site and the surrounding landscape washes out after a heavy rain, consider adding retaining walls for drainage control and stabilization. The licensed masonry craftsmen at Trusted Men Home Services, 1.855.TRUSTED, can inspect your lot and provide these construction and design services:

  • Retaining wall construction
  • Interlocking block driveways
  • Outdoor patios & kitchens
  • Masonry walls & chimneys
  • Engineering for site preparation
  • Concrete steps and porches

Your Satisfaction Is Our #1 Priority

The licensed and certified craftsmen of Trusted Men Home Services strive to deliver exceptional work on all your projects. We meet our goals when you see a home improvement dream become reality. Call us at 1.855.TRUSTED to schedule an appointment or request a project estimate.

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