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Old, Leaky Windows Can Be Restored

Older homes often have quality windows that have become inefficient or unusable, but you might not want to replace them because of expense or historic preservation. If this is the case, consider window repair and restoration from Trusted Men Home Services, 1.855.TRUSTED.

Many older windows are made of hardwood framing, which generally does not shrink or swell. Hardwood also has good insulating properties, so if the windows and frames are in good shape, restoration makes economical sense.

Consider Replacement Inserts

For older windows with frames that are sound and square, inserts are a perfect window repair solution. Inserts are custom-made to fit inside the existing frame, leaving interior and exterior window moldings intact.

Common Problems that Need Window Repair

In most cases, window repair is only appropriate when the window frames are in good shape. If they are, these common repairs can restore the windows to good working order:

  • Drafty & rattling windows: Usually repaired by installing weather stripping, foam sealant, caulking, and re-glazing around panes.
  • Stuck windows: Frequently the result of poor maintenance or sloppy painting; may require removal and replacement of the sashes.
  • Foggy double pane windows: Moisture between the panes must be removed and the window re-glazed.
  • Worn-out window sashes: Repaired by removing old sashes & installing a replacement kit.
  • Heat loss due to single glazed windows: Installation of indoor or outdoor storm windows solves this problem.

Window Repair Skills You Expect, Service You Deserve

The window experts at Trusted Men Home Services have years of experience repairing and replacing windows in Suffolk and Nassau counties. We know how to diagnose a window problem and repair it the right way, saving you money and aggravation.

Call to schedule your window repair or other home improvement today at 1.855.TRUSTED. We love the work we do, and you will, too!

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