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Restoring the Integrity of Your Brick or Stone Chimney

Years of service, settling, and freeze-thaw cycles take their toll on your Long Island chimney or fireplace flue. As the mortar begins to crack, your chimney loses its structural integrity and the risk of water and toxic gas infiltration increases.

To safeguard your family’s air quality and restore your chimney to its former glory, trust the masonry experts at Trusted Men Home Services. Offering expert brick pointing and tuckpointing services for Nassau and Suffolk County homeowners, we repair and rebuild modern and historic chimneys.

Why Choose Trusted Men for Brick Pointing?

There are dozens of chimney repair specialists in Long Island. How can you settle on one? Begin by considering the experience of your technician. Many home improvement companies market themselves as a “jack of all trades,” but Trusted Men provides a division of chimney craftsmen who specialize in masonry repair, chimney maintenance, and fireplace installation. After all, you don’t want a painter installing your fireplace insert—or a plumber inspecting your chimney.

In addition to their niche expertise, Trusted Men chimney professionals are friendly, reliable, and attentive to your budget. Benefits of their skilled tuckpointing and brick pointing services include:

  • Curb appeal. An aging, deteriorating chimney dates your home and decreases property value. Trusted brick pointing services rejuvenate your home’s look.
  • Preservation of history. Repointing is a skilled craft. Carefully replacing old mortar with new, high-performance mortar, our team protects against erosion while maintaining the authenticity of historic properties.
  • Weatherproofing. Once your chimney is open to the elements, there’s no telling how quickly it will break down. Brick re-pointing eliminates water entry and halts further chimney damage.

Call the Trusted Men for Chimney Repair & Tuckpointing

When you trust our team by calling 1.855.TRUSTED, you receive quality workmanship, superior materials, and exceptional customer service. Our member craftsmen are recognized throughout Nassau and Suffolk counties for their specialized skillsets—ranging from chimney and masonry service to total remodels. For the finest in exterior home improvement, remember our name: Trusted Men Home Services.

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