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Safeguard Your Home with Long Island Chimney Solutions

Structural chimney issues, improper maintenance, and building code violations are more than a nuisance. Chimney problems present a very real danger for your family and guests.

Benefits of Skilled Chimney Service

Your chimney serves a critical purpose aside from accenting your home’s architecture. Designed to carry smoke and dangerous fumes away from occupants, a well-maintained chimney is a key safety mechanism for your Long Island residence. For your peace of mind, Trusted Men safeguards your home and fireplace by offering:

  • Annual chimney inspections (recommended by the National Fire Protection Association)
  • Chimney cleaning
  • Dirt & creosote removal
  • Masonry repairs
  • Water damage repair

Schedule Chimney Services in Long Island

Experts recommend that homeowners have oil and wood burning chimneys and fireplaces inspected once per year. Routine chimney maintenance preserves indoor air quality, eliminates blockage, and reduces the risk of a house fire.

Suffolk and Nassau County residents: dial 1.855.TRUSTED to schedule aging chimney replacement, chimney sweeping, or troubleshooting for your fireplace insert. To learn more about the Trusted team, click here.

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